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Historical Information about Haunted Hills Tours

Haunted Hills Tours are story-based

The Haunted Hills is located on the western side of Latrobe City, on the Eastern side of  Moe. The Haunted Hills boasts a story unique to our area alone.

It has a rich history affecting towns as far as Lakes Entrance as it was the mainland route to Melbourne once contained the swamp between Koo Wee Rup and Moe.

The Haunted Hills has a ghost story. Some say this is a criminal conspiracy.

It inspires our business because of the richness of the stories

Focusing on stories helps us share Gippsland with participants in entertaining ways.

The people take precedence in these stories.

Haunted Hills Tours launched with Yallourn North Ghost Tour on Friday the 13th of February 2015. Since then, it has grown. The tours showcase the secrets of the Latrobe Valley that most people will know as the place with the power stations as they fly by on their way to Lakes Entrance. People used to stop, and picnic in the Haunted Hills, our cars move much faster now, and a lot of the private properties.

The Latrobe Valley is a great base to access Gippsland. We also have three waterfalls in our borders, national parks, stunning scenery, the daily changing face of Mt Baw Baw is terrific.

Our story-based tours

History Podcast

True Crime Podcast

Ghost Podcast – Haunting stories


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Haunted Hills Tours delivers story based experiences.

Many tours focus on locations, and places, we’re fascinated by people, alive, dead and lingering as a spirit. The way the tours are crafted from real accounts and recounted to tour participants over an hour and a half. People take precedence in Haunted Hills Tours.

Haunted Hills Tours provide quality experiences through oral storytelling. We’re a dynamic tourism organisation that contributes to the diversity of our area.

Our values

We value truth, revealing actual historical events and genuine paranormal experiences. Committed to creativity to continue to develop experiential tourism. Respect is the platform that everything grows, from how the treatment of subjects through to the towns we tour. Haunted Hills Tours delight in historical research and hearing people’s experiences. We can cater for 30 people on a tour, this gives everybody the ability to discover our forgotten past.

 About the owner

Tegan Dawson started the tours as a student in her final year of university studying Professional Communications. With a passion for the underdog, storytelling and a love of history, the strange, and macabre. She attended many ghost tours. It is pure enjoyment to tell stories not often told. Tegan has a personal connection to Yallourn even though she was born after it was no longer accessible to the public, her parents bought a three-bedroom weatherboard house from Yallourn and had it moved to Leongatha. The house wasn’t haunted, but the description of the house is from a ‘town that doesn’t exist anymore’ indeed haunted her.

Haunted Hills Tours your way to discover the forgotten past and experience the Latrobe Valley in a new light. Unlock Gippsland’s secrets.

Bookings are essential to ensure your place.