17. Mallacoota Crime – A small town in Victoria, Australia

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This event is running from 11 October 2020 until 1 April 2030. It is next occurring on April 1, 2030 4:00 pm

True Crime Mallacoota

Mallacoota Crime, wow it was hard to find. Which is so odd. Where there are people usually there is a crime. Although something that might resonate with over-policed communities – Mallacoota didn’t get a police station until much later than this research takes place.
So I found a smuggler, attempted poisoning, some odd deaths, a couple of manhunts… one for a potential murderer and another for some joyriders also known as car thieves.

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Ooh another place that is remote and isolated which has some crime stories – in the Victorian High Country is Wonnangatta – great for four-wheel or recreational driving. You can find the story about a murder and a developing local story, the legend of Buttons.


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Enhance your listening by joining Patreon! There you will find an episode about the Gentlemanly Bushranger, is that an oxymoron or what? We discuss that. A coin counterfeiter, which feels like he kept copying himself over and over, did he ever get it right? Another is of a tragic architect, how does one fall from such an esteemed position to die as a footnote of his apprentices’ story? What brings a policeman, mailman and publican together in one episode? It’s murder. The Shady Creek Murder. I have also become obsessed with the small ghost of Yallourn, Victoria. It fuelled the majority of the power industry in Gippsland. There are an hour and a half on the bushfire and subsequent 1944 Royal Commission, with more episodes coming about the SEC and Yallourn.

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