Patreon only episode: 7b The gentlemanly bushranger

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This event is running from 24 May 2020 until 2 May 2030. It is next occurring on May 2, 2030 7:00 pm

The Gentlemanly Bushranger, only available on Patreon.
There is a Bushranger who says he came from a good family. That he was a gentleman and never harmed a woman, well he held them up at gunpoint, took their possessions, but only things you could see. He was educated with horses. What does it take to be a gentlemanly bushranger? This episode on explores this. We’d love to hear your opinions. Which bushranger do you think was the most likely to earn the moniker Gentlemanly? Do you think it stands the test of time?
Listen to let us know.

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This post was written by Tegan Dawson