The People of the Roswell Incident 1947

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The Roswell Incident has caused debate and discussion ever since it occurred in 1947. This is where the debris was found on a ranchers property in Corona New Mexico – with Roswell NM being the nearest service town.

Through this look at the People of the Roswell Incident, we’re looking at the man who discovered the debris, Mack Brazel. Major Jesse Marcel who was the first military person on the scene to investigate. Those are just the first two, there were so many people. Will telling their stories uncover the truth of what happened in the Summer of 1947? Maybe, maybe not. Whatever it does show will definitely be how the people reacted in the face of the unknown.

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Many people have covered the Roswell Incident. What crashed on the ranch outside Roswell NM? A weather balloon, a “ray wind target”, alien aircraft… Who were the people, how did that shape this story?
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