Walhalla South Side Tour (virutal/digital) (PATRON ONLY)

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This event is running from 1 December 2020 until 1 December 2030. It is next occurring on December 1, 2030 9:00 pm

Walhalla, Victoria is a ghost town. During its time, it had so many people move through and so many buildings which aren’t there. Your imagination will have to do the heavy lifting, but I hope the narrative helps you along.
Hear about the sawmill, abattoir, coach house, Stringers creek, tennis courts, the cemetery and a brewery! All through the people who lived there.
This episode is available to Patrons only (patreon.com/hauntedhills). It is told in the style of an on-location tour, but also able to listen to where ever you are.

Tips for listening on the location:

Download first – don’t rely on Mobile data, there is 4g capability in Walhalla. Better to be safe than sorry.

Enhance this tour:

Listen to the Walhalla History, True Crime and Ghost episodes (you can listen to them on the way down).
Plus plan, book a meal at a local restaurant or pub. Get tickets for the railway and book in for the ghost tour that the town runs.
If you want more about Walhalla’s ghostly tales check out Cursed graves

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