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Yallourn’s Longest Serving Publican (Patreon Only Bonus Episode)

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George Dickson Brownknown to his patrons as Dickson was Yallourn’s Longest Serving Publican. The first hotel keeper, starting with the battle to get a license for the hotel the State Electrical Commission built. The SEC was not permitted to hold the permit.
There was a strong temperance movement opposing the building of the hotel who believed the hotel would bring ill repute and crime to the streets of Yallourn. Meanwhile, the SEC and Licensing board thought it would curb the sales of illicit sales of alcohol and manage the intake.
This bonus episode investigates the Publican’s life, crimes relating to alcohol before 1928 and after 1928, plus crimes against George at the Yallourn Hotel. The community events which took place at the hotel and the Brown’s contribution to the township of Yallourn.

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I’m obsessed with Yallourn, as a result, we have decided to create an audiobook. Yallourn Publican will be one of the chapters. Research is occurring, and when it is closer to completion, we will have more information here. If you want to support our work and enhance your listening experience, you can join us at Patreon.


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Enhance your listening by joining Patreon! There you will find an episode about the Gentlemanly Bushranger, is that an oxymoron or what? We discuss that. A coin counterfeiter, which feels like he kept copying himself over and over, did he ever get it right? Another is of a tragic architect, how does one fall from such an esteemed position to die as a footnote of his apprentices’ story? What brings a policeman, mailman and publican together in one episode? It’s murder. The Shady Creek Murder. I have also become obsessed with the small ghost of Yallourn, Victoria. It fuelled the majority of the power industry in Gippsland. There are an hour and a half on the bushfire and subsequent 1944 Royal Commission, with more episodes coming about the SEC and Yallourn.

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    History episodes

    I prefer to call my history episodes, people of [insert town name] because the people make the town. Historically this focuses on the influential people, the buildings, important dates in history, but not so much about the everyday people who changed the pans – supporting the health and safety of the community. The woman who advocated for coal capture in power stations to stop the constant stream of black snow falling on them. These people lived good lives of civic duty without getting awards or accolades for their participation.
    Of course, the powerful are there, and it makes sense to add their part when it comes up. The times and the other historical things impacted the communities but the most crucial aspect, I hope I show is that the people make the town.

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