Blue rag range track – Four Wheel Drive

The Blue Range Track is a gorgeous drive and a great spot for mobile reception when Mount Hotham comes into view.

The Taungurung people of the Gunaikurnai Nation are the traditional custodians of the land and waters.

This track requires four wheel driving and a keen eye on what is coming ahead of you. It’s directly off the Dargo High Plains Road and drives to the Wongungarra River.

The Blue rag range track trig point is the second highest point in Victoria.

This is in East Gippsland, Victoria. Responsible Recreational Vehicle Driving is encouraged. Be sure to abide by Parks Victoria signs – putting out campfires, or not having them depending on the season. There are road closures at certain times of the years, these are for your safety.

The difficulty of Blue Rag Range Track

We traversed this track at the start of the season the tracks were opened late due to bad weather conditions in 2016. The track had been freshly graded there were no large ruts. Although the conditions change regularly on these tracks and in the high country. This track can get very difficult as it’s thin, and steep and with more wear during the rainy days, ruts will form. It is impossible to continue past the Wongungarra River. The bank on the side other side of the Blue Rag camping area is too steep and one wheel is always off the ground making the four-wheel action impossible.This track is rated very difficult.If you’re going for views an overcast or rainy day will limit visibility.

The trig point is 1718m above sea level.

Please remember this track requires a 4wd Vehicle

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Blue Rag Camping Spot

Many people we met and told us about this track spoke of a camping ground, however, few travellers go beyond the Trig point. The views there are amazing and descending down to the camping ground if you’re on a mission feels counterproductive as you have come back the way you came. There are photos below for your to make up your own mind. There are no facilities at the camping ground – the ground is rocky and there wasn’t a nice grassy patch anywhere. So if you’re in a rooftop tent that might work, however, you’re under the trees, at the bottom of a gorge right next a river. That might be your paradise. It’s not mine. (You can’t really stay beside the river)

Blue Rag range track trig point

The view to see. Sadly the silver trees are dead trees from the 2003 fires that killed them, they run the tops of the hills defining it beautifully.

The height of this track as you look around makes the bush look like it becomes a blue rag.

Natural Environment

Blue Rag Track is part of the Alpine National Park.

A bush fire in 2003 changed the landscape killing trees, that’s the silver trees ridging the mountains as far as the eye can see.  This is a shrubby environment.

Safety tips

The track is narrow because it travels the precipice of the mountain, radio communication is essential.

Any cars that go in have to come out the same way, keep an eye on the road ahead as much as possible to spot the cars, as there are step crests where both cars will see sky until they level. The changes in the sky also impact visibility.

Fires from 13 years ago are still visible on this landscape, adhere to the fire restrictions and fire bans and be responsible with ensure the camp fires are properly extinguished.

205mm clearance scraped occassionally on this track.

Bike the Blue Rag Track

While a regular car or even an All Wheel Drive car are not recommended for driving this track. A Bicycle is a good way to explore and see the wild flowers. Mind the four wheel drives.

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