Car crashes and consequences

Haunted Hills Podcast looks at historic true crimes in small towns, this is leading to a growing library of car accidents. Were they handled in a civil court or criminal. Many true crime podcasts focus on murdered and missing people. Which is important, but it is not the only situations leading to criminal consequences.

Karl Benz invented the first car in 1886, to help people arrive at their destination faster. And to be fair to cars, we do have stories about horse and carriage accidents – one leading to a death of a person, so far.

Some car crashes are accidents, lead to death or serious injury.

Can you predict the judicial outcomes?

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More historical car accidents

Some times car accidents are just unfortunate events and everybody thankfully survives.

Ghosts as a result of car accidents?

Sometimes is the supernatural born of tragic ending? Is this where the paranormal crosses through to our realm?