Covid-19 response updated


Until 30 June 2020 new sign-ups will still have free and full access to all aspects of Patreon, to get a good idea of what is available there. On 1 July 2020 signing up will be free however the access will be on the tier you signed up under.

Starting in July 2020 Patreon will return the normal posting schedule.
  • Early release of 2 regular episodes
  • One bonus episode
This increases as Patreon meets the following goals:

When the Patreon reaches $2000.00

  • An extra bonus episode (2 per month)
This means Patrons will have 4 episodes a month.

When the Patreon reaches $7500.00

This would allow me to work full time on the Podcast
  • Increase regular episode release to 4 per month
  • An additional bonus episode (3 in total)
This means 7 episodes for Patrons a month

When Patreon reaches $15,000 per month

  • Adding Radio Plays (one per month = total of 8 episodes per month)
An example of a radio play is 4b Tragedy on the Banks of the Latrobe River
While I enjoy telling the historical stories, there are some stories that have really touched my heart that want to share more of the stories in a fictionalised story style.
This amount would include other actors and more time in creating.
This would also allow for additions to the team to create more content – like artwork, music and better animation/moving videos as well. So merchandise, hopefully, live events as well (depending on safety re the current health crisis.)

Further information regarding updates:

I will do live casts if there is interest in that.
I will be asking the public and Patrons for your opinions about the crimes and outcomes. Until the Patron grows with enough people to be able just to get this from the Patrons.

Expected Patreon Payments to commence

At the moment the Patreon payments may start 1 August 2020. However, I’ll review this closer to the date – and let you know.

ORIGINAL POST 22/03/2020 7:55pm

I have spent the weekend catching up with the Covid-19 news. As I am not a medically trained I will not speak to that. Except to say, please follow the directives, social distancing or isolation and wash your hands.
I have come to the conclusion we need to care for each other. In this Spirit, I am suspending payments for Patreon’s for the foreseeable future.

Become a Patron!

I will let you know when this will change as I recognise some of your circumstances won’t allow this to continue after the primary Covid-19 crisis is over.
Every tier will have access to all content for this period as well. I am also hoping to increase the frequency of early releases during this time as well – if you’re signed up on your regular platform and use the feed link, these will automatically drop when they’re released.
I am thinking of doing some live events if you’re interested, and I would love your ideas and input on this next step.
Please be kind, thoughtful and stay safe and healthy.

Things to do while in isolation

This is an area I excel in, from reading books to writing, binge-watching to creating content.

I also know planning holidays and even day trips are something some people don’t have the luxury to do during the usual pace of life. So you might like to check out our posts on things to do

Do your genealogy – it’s interesting! And time-consuming to correctly check the evidence you have with the evidence presented.


The Spring Clean (I know – in Australia, it’s not Spring anymore.)

Listen to podcasts

Engage in fun things online – avoid the drama if possible.

Do take time away from the screens.

You can also join our Facebook Group for conversations and discussions there:
A Patreon – Matt shared a compiled list with quite a few things to do, which may also apply to the global community as well.
Things to do while Victoria is shut down (not a complete list, but something to spark some ideas!)
Please feel free to Copy and paste this list, or add to it, and share it around. Hopefully, we can all keep active and busy even though we’re at home.
If an idea sparks some interest, Make a list of activities and make some plans for the next few days. ?
-Yard Work!
When was that garden weeded, is there an area that just needs a day to fix up? Well, now’s the time to get those thumbs green!

Online courses

There are a few online course providers that are offering FREE courses! For adults, there is or And many more! Kids you might want to try
Open up a cookbook and try some of those recipes that you just never have the time to do, or bake cookies, You might find a new meal to enjoy!
-Clear out that wardrobe!
Those pants you’ve had for five years at the back of the draws, are you going to wear them again? Get them out, give them a good wash, and donate them when the Op Shops reopen! Or do all that mending and repairing of clothes! A spool of thread and some needles are cheap, and could save those $60 pants that have a small tear in them!
-Read a book!
Most of us have that book pile of ‘gonna get to it’.. well now’s the time! Read to yourself or with the kids! Explore the worlds of Harry Potter or Narnia together!
-Learn an instrument
Sites like offer online courses on how to play the guitar! Become the next rock star!
-Games time!
Time to start opening those old board games that are in the cupboard! Learn some new Card games! Hours of fun and interaction! Or, Try some multiplayer Online Games, Minecraft, or the Jackbox party pack, or just go through the unplayed games in your games library (I know I have a few!)
Try doing a cross-stitch, or learn knitting. Maybe make some art with collages? Or try your hand at sewing!
-Movie night!
Turn down the lights and pop some popcorn! Look through the DVD’s, and watch something you haven’t seen for a while!
– Backyard Stargazing!
Layout in the backyard (after the yard work!) and try looking for some of the constellations! Maybe you’ll see a satellite pass over! There are also apps to discover when these may pass over.
-Phone someone!
Know someone who you haven’t talked to in a while? Give them a call and have a good chat! I’m sure they’d love to talk for a bit ?
There are just a few ideas on how you can spend the next few days while we are all stuck at home. I know it’s going to be hard, but try and find something to do to fill in the time. Hope you all keep safe, and We get through this soon safely