10. Traralgon Ghost

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This event is running from 5 July 2020 until 25 March 2030. It is next occurring on March 25, 2030 8:00 pm

Paranormal experiences of Traralgon Victoria, in Gippsland. This episode releases on the 5 July 2020. If you want early access to enhance your listening on Patreon or subscribe on PodBean.
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Virtually tour or visit these places where paranormal experiences have occurred in Traralgon

  • Traralgon Creek (the bridge between Newman Park and Victory Park)
  • Newman Park – near the Scout Hall
  • The old hospital site (near the Traralgon CFA building)
  • Corner of Bridge and Kay Street
  • The Post Office and Court House
  • The star hotel (Today it is called Stellina Cafe)
  • Dranes Lane

As always we don’t disclose the private homes where paranormal experiences have occurred.

Check out the orbs of Traralgon

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Firstly the reason these stories are important to me is that ghosts were people once.
It’s fascinating to learn about how they lived what they did.
Their presence gives us a glimpse into the lives of regular people in these towns.
You don’t have to believe in ghosts to enjoy the narrative.
Not all spectres are fearsome and angry, some want to communicate, after all, they were people.
It’s not as though death steals our humanity usually the circumstances of life or choices we make do that.
That’s a different kind of story that haunts me.

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