6. Rosedale True Crime Episode

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This event is running from 10 May 2020 until 10 February 2025. It is next occurring on February 10, 2025

6. Rosedale True Crime episode

The gold from Rosedale stopped over on its way from the goldfields of Walhalla, Victoria.
As a result, some locals think the banks were robbed frequently.
This episode investigates those claims and more including gun crimes, assault, obscene language, horse crimes and more.

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When Haunted Hills looks at crimes, it is an interesting reflection on the past, the values, timeliness, and sense of justice.
While patrons are able to play judge and jury we are not re-adjudicating these crimes
most of them occurred too long ago to be appropriate
however these discussions create an interesting contrast of values.
The offences covered reflect the rural nature of our towns,
shedding light on some of the people we don’t usually talk about and what is and was considered criminal.

The live stream

Here is the live stream with which listeners were able to participate in the episode.

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Thank you for sharing your true crime story for 6. Rosedale True Crime. If your crime is not about Rosedale please write so in the contact form so we can save it for the right town. Even if you’d just like to suggest a type of crime to investigate this would be appreciated and welcomed. Usually, the crimes Haunted Hills Podcast investigate are before living memory. Depending on the situation and outcome we may review this for future true crime stories.

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