Ghost: Woman In White

What is a woman in white?

There are many types of ghosts, ‘The Woman in White’, is usually seen wearing a white, long flowing white dress, she is also pale of skin, her hair may have some pigment left. This is the description given of many ghosts, so how do you know its a woman in white?

She appears selectively, known to be a death omen or warning… It’s best to heed that warning to prevent death. The woman in white is a ghost with a specific mode of operating, born, or rather died in circumstances that create this legend.


TV Representations of the woman in white

The first time I came in contact with the legend of the woman in white was through Supernatural, and the lady had a number of tragic factors in her life that lead directly or indirectly to her death. One of those factors was being cheated on by her husband. The Woman in White is usually seen in rural settings. She is seen by the demographic of people that she targets or tests. These people usually relate in part to her creation. Failure of the test can be fatal or incredibly scary. For example in the Supernatural pilot episode the woman in white tempts men who are in are in relationships and if they’re unfaithful she kills them. These women have been seen all over the world and the core elements are the same. They have lost or been betrayed by their partner.

Tale tells we have some in Gippsland, and that’s not including the story of the white woman.

Have you seen a Woman in White? Would you tell us about her?

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