Historic UFO stories

Two historic UFO stories there were no images but they were reported by reputable essential workers.

Historic UFO over the Atlantic

In 1927, a Captain of a ship at Midnight on 31 May sighted an unidentified aircraft heading east. He radioed this information to London who informed the world, suggesting it was a secret flight.

A month earlier Jorge de Castilho and Manuel Gouveia had the first successful night fly. Starting in Africa, Bijagos Archipelago, Portuguese Guinea today is known as Guinea-Bissau flew to Fernando de Noronha, Brazil. Although this was a Westward flight.

10 days earlier the first solo Atlantic had successfully completed an Easterly flight with pilot Charle Lindbergh. It took over 33 and a half hours commencing from Roosevelt Field, Mineola, New York ending at Le Bought airport near Paris at 10:33 pm.

Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 – 1954), Wednesday 1 June 1927, page 1

No one took credit for this flight.

Rumours must have started about the legitimacy of Captin Borne and he may have been on the drink that the next day the paper reported about him. That he has written books about seafaring life. He has a brother who is an artist.


UFO investigation concluded in Darwin on 9 February 1938

At this date, Darwin was not in the crosshairs of World War II. The battle of Darwin occurred 4 years later on the 19 February.

The sight and sound of two aircraft from the East Timor Sea speeding over the Northern Territory Capital city. The unidentified craft flew in a South-Westerly direction over a few days did not cause alarm.

The Australian aviation confirmed no registered flights were in the sky at the time the sightings were reported.

It was 6 pm on a Summer evening when people were out and about enjoying the early evening at a local pub. The first witness was an airport employee and a seaport employee. He informed he was not confused and saw a silver aircraft and heard the engines.

8 February

At 4:30 am on the 8 February 1938 the foreman working at the power station heard a high power machine passing by which was odd because flights did not usually occur at this time. He ran out of the station house, seeing a large silver craft with an orange light disappearing. This is not usual for planes usually sighted which have a green and red light at starboard and port. He informed investigators there were other people with him at the time who could verify this story. While the authorities believed the foreman to be a reliable witness they wanted to be sure and were at the power station as they had a Qantas plane fly the same path the mysterious monoplane took. The investigators heard the engine over the hum of the station.

Manton Gap

About 4 months earlier 40 miles (~65km) at Manton Gap workmen for the reservoir sighted a flying machine which had no markings or light sighted after dark. Originally the report was discarded however in light of the sightings in February 1938 the defence force thought it was worth checking out due to the security concerns.

The RAF checked out if the two countries with airports close enough to fly to Australia and leave again without refuelling and returning home. This theory did not pan out.

Suggestions given for historic UFO sightings are

Weather balloons such as the one pictured below

New Light on flying saucer mystery 1946 Jan.
Pictured two weather observers setting a balloon.

More historic UFO stories

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