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If you missed it, I’ve been looking for feedback on some ‘ghost or not’ photos. This competition and Tabfoundry randomly selecting a winner. Congratulations to the winner Teagan C.


There was a mixed range of responses from my readers. I, thank you all so much for your respectful responses, and of course, the pictures are still open to interpretation. But let me go through what I’ve analysed about a whole range of information and research into ghost photos, are you ready to begin this journey with me? Well, keep reading.

Firstly, what are the characteristics that determine a ghost captured on film vs a spirit, orb or other entity?

Ghosts are generally a carbon copy of the person as they were when they were alive. So, this includes things like height, build all being evident in some way, even if it’s a shadowy figure, there is at least height if no features. Ghosts can appear as solidly as a real person, on camera and in person.

This is one of the best examples of a ghost capture I’ve seen:


This photo was taken in the daytime. The photographer didn’t see the lady captured until after she saw the picture. There is still debate surrounding this photo.

One thing I was told early on that water is a purifier, and it’s harder for ghosts to come through. So, while it might be a dark and stormy night outside, it’s not generally where the spirits are. I’m still interested in learning more about water phantoms and other paranormal events that people have experienced in the water.

There doesn’t seem to be a distinction of dimension on the photos. I have like there is in the photograph on the left. If you compare these photos to others, you can see a clear distinction between the background and the ghost, even from the images that have shadow people.

I also spoke to Karl Pfeiffer. It was on the day that darn dress trended and his comment made me think he could decipher a photo or two. Checking his profile after our discussion, I had hit the trifecta. He is a photographer, ghost hunter and loves all things eerie. You can read the conversation below.

Karl explained it’s where humans see patterns that are familiar to them out of random stimulus, it’s easier to find models on photos when you zoom in on them. I remember the picture zoomed in when I first saw the face. It was easy to see the face when I viewed on the laptop as I had seen it before. However other friends I sent it too couldn’t see the face.


This is a picture of Ferguson Robert several photos taken at the time with the same result. Also, the “ghosted” man has dimension and different profile to Ferguson. I wonder who it was haunting him? (Source)


This image is of a helicopter, Mrs Sayer (pictured) remembers feeling cold even though it was warm that day, but no one was sitting next to her. (Source)

Below are pictures of orbs, captured by Roy Pullin.

When I asked him about the picture, he said he wanted to see the area, which I’ve done but appears at the moment he’s on holidays, but I’d love for him to comment back about potential entities, spirits and orbs in our photos.

Some more spirit/orb photos:

It looks like a low hanging moon; however, the moon this close to the earth would be huge. If the orb has an eye made of dust. If it doesn’t like this, it’s a spirit.


This image was captured at Moe Cemetery on the 4.03.15 by Kevin Bechaz from – This, if it is a spirit, would be a great example of a capture. Otherwise, it’s a beam of sunshine or most likely a lens flare, a very coincidental lens flare, leaving a lot of thoughts of symbolism.

In conclusion, I have to say the photos from a ghost or not, aren’t trophy ghost photos. While these may be spirits trying to communicate, it’s more likely they’re patterns in the rock, light and raindrops that form the pattern of a face, in the light of the camera. We’ll keep trying. Ghosts are everywhere. I’ll post a blog with some tips on how to get an excellent capture.

I also think locations, such as the “road to nowhere” may have more success, Halls Bay (Fernlea Road), try North Road still, the lights dimmed as we walked past that could just be the globes going on the street lights but without a lantern (it’s hard when it’s a toss-up between light or dry) that night leading the way I sure noticed. Without intruding on private land, I’d also recommend trying Quarry Road. Other options were Haunted Hills Road, near the cemetery and the corner of Haunted Hills and Bill Shultz road. Again a lot of spirits and ghosts aren’t stuck in a particular area.

I’d love to hear from local photographers – do you keep your “ruined” photos?


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