Different types of haunts

Types of haunts and ghosts or spirits


Different types of haunts

Do you ever have trouble winding down after a particularly stressful, emotional or active day? Has someone else’s presence affected you, their mood, covered you in a cloak? The webbing of their presence stays long after you’ve extracted yourself from their presence? Do you have that person that is with you, judging you, criticising you and when you run into them nothing goes right? While I write this I understand that some people aren’t as affected. They either shrug it off, or don’t realise how it affects their own emotional responses. A lack of insight or acceptance.

Some of this is how we respond to the stimuli around us. Yet, there is a lingering palpable presence that living people sometimes leave behind. Sometimes this is a trauma they carry in deep sadness, or anger. So, why would this energy end just because their body ceases functioning?

Famously, rightly or wrongly, paranormal investigators have co-opted physics law “Conservation of Energy”. ‘Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but it can change form’. The scientific community laments this borrowing. Although, reputable paranormal investigators, follow a hypothesis and are willing to debunk – (accept that it’s not a ghost appearance through a series of tests). Revealing edited photos, people faking poltergeist symptoms, environmental factors, and so on.

Residual Haunt

A haunted place that has an uneasy feel about them or a recording played on loop, called a “residual haunt”. There is no active spirit residing there, just a recording of the residual energy from a trauma or memory. This refers to the idea posed earlier that other people’s emotional states can affect your emotional state. The theory named “stone tape”, is where the environment having enough magnetic minerals acts like a film. It keeps a record of the event, feelings or sometimes even the persons repetitious routine.

Gardener poltergeist

A story about an avid gardener, seen as a regular fixture tending his front garden. After his neighbours hadn’t seen him for a few days they entered his home finding him in the entry hallway having taken his own life. A few months later a neighbour saw him in the garden the only difference was he was transparent. This is a residual haunt.

Another story was of a house that didn’t have a tragic, the owner passed away there. Upon entering the home they would hear footsteps. They’d also feel a presence following the sound around the house, they never saw anyone who wasn’t expected. There were also sounds in the roof. They accept the previous owner doesn’t want to leave.

Melbourne Church

On many occasions at a new annex in a Melbourne Church, a girl in a white dress was seen walking along the glass window.


A poltergeist received its name from German roots, ‘polte’ meaning noisy and ‘geist’ meaning ghost. This is the type of ghost that can affect the natural world. This can mean electricity, moving things, shaking things, a sensation of touch. This is the commonly depicted ghost experience because they are disconcerting and downright scary. This type of ghost is able to touch people.

I’ve received some stories about poltergeists.

There is the famous ghostly shove as caught on CCTV as shown below. This is what the film captured at the point the woman says she felt hands and was pushed a by a ghost.

VID: Woman Shoved Over By Ghost On CCTV

Experiences recounted to me are feeling strangled, things moved such as a Christmas angel on the floor (after being secured at the top of the tree). Other experiences of electrical disturbances, of places in the Latrobe Valley.

Melbourne poltergeist

At another Melbourne, the property had examples of poltergeist activity. Working late one night, they entered the bathroom unhindered. Whilst handling the toilet door it was pulled out of hand, this happened more than once. The door swung in and no one was in the cubical or the bathroom. On the way out they tripped over a bin in the doorway. The bin wasn’t there when they’d entered the room. The least frightening of all the experiences was constant whispering, that went on for two years in this place.


A messenger is a ghost that appears usually for a purpose if the purpose is acknowledging it’s usually not seen again. This seems to solidify a belief that the spirits can travel between the spiritual world and our natural world. An example told to me by a reader was a Mother who’d died leaving behind her young family. A few months after her death, there was trouble with the will. Her 14-year-old daughter would never have known if it wasn’t for an encounter with her mother one night. Appearing at the end of her bed, her mother explained how to fix it. She didn’t see her mother again however was very grateful for the visit.

Animal Ghosts


Animals visit as ghosts, people have experienced their presence, seen them and even heard them.

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Thanks, to my readers who shared their experiences and have added this collective of the stories that haunt us. If you want to share your stories with me please email me at hauntedhillstours@gmail.com

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