Rosedale History Tour

The Rosedale history tour is a relaxing walk through the modern streets of Rosedale while being regaled with stories of its past. 


Hear about a famous female bullocky, Agnes Buntine,not that she’d care for the title. 

Hear about the man who built Rosedale.

Hear about the ordinary people of Rosedale. 

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Features of Rosedale history tours

  • 1.5 hour guided historical tour
  • A gentle walk with beautiful views
  • Learn more about Rosedale’s history
  • Heroes, pioneers and the everyday people

Information for booking this tour

This tour starts and finishes at Prince St Reserve


The tour takes an hour and a half.

Tickets are $25, or $20 concession.

Deals for families:

2 adult, 2 children (or 1 adult, 3 children) $75.00

2 adult, 3 children (1 adult, 4 children) $85.00

Family rates are available

Booking closes two hours before the tour commencing.

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We recommend you wear good walking shoes and bring a bottle of water.
Beware of the conditions of the day,please slip slop slap (protect yourself from the sun).
We provide lanterns or umbrellas if necessary.

Review of Rosedale History Tour (and crime tour)

Exploring the Past: Rosedale Crime & History Tour

Architecture tells a bit about history but the people tell more

When you look at buildings you can tell the period of design by looking at them. Once you’ve seen the work of architects who led those designs, you find it all over the place. A famous architect designed part of the mechanic’s institute in a Gippsland town. He also built a theatre on Bourke St in Melbourne. The theatre is no longer standing due to bankruptcy and fire, neither the fault of the architect. This architect has work still standing all over Australia and you never have to set foot in Rosedale to see it.

This is why the lives of the people who lived here, who passed by here, fascinate us. We look at places and reveal how things used to be,  through the stories of people who lived there. Some of the people are pioneers. Some people of the don’t have a mark left in town. This mixture weaves a tapestry of a unique story of the town we’re walking through.

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