Rosedale, Victoria

A brief history of Rosedale

Rosedale is a small town in the Wellington Shire Council, Victoria that has been known by three names; this all occurred within the space of 10 years over 150 years ago.  It’s located 2 hours down the Princes Freeway from Melbourne. About 2 hours from Lakes Entrance, making it an ideal place to stop and revive. Rosedale is a historical town, with parks, shopping and many things to do.

The first name Rosedale was known by was Snake Ridge Run coined by Angus McMillan in 1842, as he found Aboriginal people eating a snake beside the ridge at the Northern edge of town. Snake Ridges Run was the name for the entire area. Blind Joe had a hut by the creek, the second name for the small town – this continued even after Rosedale was named. The Dutton’s bought the land south of the Latrobe River and called it Rosedale. After his wife Rosalie, in 1848. In 1858 the Rosedale Hotel was built, and the town was officially named Rosedale in 1955 after being known as Rosedale for around a hundred years.

Things to do


Visit the parks

There are three parks with playgrounds (Prince St Reserve, Edward Crooke Park and a park on Queen St).

Take photos with the statues

See the Giant Eagle on Cansick Street.

Visit with the steel-plated Patrobas Melbourne Cup Winner of 1915.

All the many wooden statues at the bakery.

For some physical activity in town

Prince Street Reserve, also has a skate/Bmx park, a basketball hoop, historic buildings, BBQ facilities, toilets.

Camping or day trip

Willow Park on the Northside of the town is an excellent place for RV’s to stop overnight and walk into town. It’s also a beautiful place for a BBQ with some great views. A historical bridge remains there as a reminder of the first bridge.

There are so many unique shops in town. Many of these relate to historical or vintage products, great coffee, tantalising food—a place to refresh yourself.

There are many camping grounds, walking trails and beautiful views.

There are three privately owned mansions in the area

Bowman Mansion

Nambrook Estate

Holey Plains – Edward Crooke Estate – This sometimes has open days.


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