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1b: Australia’s Best Coin Counterfeiter


Synopsis – Henry Holroyd episode

This Patreon only episode is about one of Australia’s best coin counterfeiters Henry Holroyd arrived on the Thurland Castle – not like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. It was the name of a ship. He was born alongside his twin brother to humble farmers caring for his grandfather. He worked many jobs, but it appears none as diligently as coin creation. Unfortunately for him he did not work for the Australian Mint and was often on the wrong side of the law.

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History and current events collide:

We recognise this has become a timely discussion, due to the fact a potentially fake $20 bill was the instigating event of George Floyd’s arrest which led to his murder by the knees of the police. The arrest is not a licence to murder. We stand with the black community in the United States.
*We recognise Australia and America have very different legal systems, however,  discrimination is baked into both systems.
Do you think things might have gone differently for Henry if he was in America 1920s? If he was a black man? Do you think he’d have experienced something different in the 1920s as an Aboriginal man?
This is a Patreon only episode as promised in the first episode Haunted Hills. Where he lived for a brief time, Henry Holroyd. If you’re interested you can purchase this episode.

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When Haunted Hills looks at crimes, it is an interesting reflection on the past, the values, timeliness, and sense of justice. While patrons are able to play judge and jury we are not re-adjudicating these crimes
most of them occurred too long ago to be appropriate however, these discussions create an interesting contrast of values. The offences covered reflect the rural nature of our towns, shedding light on some of the people we don’t usually talk about and what is and was considered criminal.

All we need for creating great stories is an internet connection, astral plane and you!

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The rest of the information I hunted down on

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