The music of small towns big stories

Music is a vital addition to a narrative. The vision of Haunted Hills is to create experiences through our storytelling. Sounds and music help us take listeners on an audible journey. Helping you feel the vibe of the town even if you never set foot there.

The vibe of Haunted Hills sound

Haunted Hills podcast sound is of gothic romanticism. Although as you listen to the podcast you will notice this is not a hard and fast rule. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Create the right vibe or historical sound reflecting the town and time.
  • To use songs introducing people from different countries with music adding depth.
  • Helping with transitions because the stories move quickly.

Here is the music that makes Haunted Hills

Regular segments


Episode 1: Haunted Hills.

This episode relies on the theme song, which was written with the vibe of the place.

Monte Carlo

Episode 2: Brown Coal Mine History

Episode 3: Brown Coal Mine Crime

Auld Lang Syne If you can do a distorted ending like tension building and fight about to happen that would be great – but then later we need a clean version. This was created by Aaron Austin Music.

Silent Night this was created by Aaron Austin Music in b minor to give that unsettling feeling.

Episode 4: Brown Coal Mine Ghost

This has the regular music in it, including Auld Lang Syne, and the ghost introduction music.

Episode 5: Rosedale History

Episode 5b: Tragic Architect

Episode 6: Rosedale Crime

Episode 6b: Rosedale Bushranger

No music except the Haunted Hills Theme music.

Episode 7: Rosedale Ghost

Not all of these songs are used in their entirety or as they were published here. Some were slowed, speed up to create and add to the story.

Episode 7b: The gentlemanly bushranger

In a Patreon exclusive episode 7b, The Gentlemanly Bushranger utilised Beyond the Warriors by Guifrog at times, including an adaption created specifically for the bushranger. Beyond the Warriors by Guifrog is licensed under an Attribution 3.0 International License.

The adaption I made using Beyond the Warriors by Guifrog was:

Episode 8: Traralgon History

The sound of Traralgon – Highway Wildflowers from the YouTube Library.

Episode 8b: Traralgon more history

Episode 9: Traralgon True Crime

It’s interesting that the Belgian Day Poem comes up in the crime story  – but when you hear the episode it makes sense why I used the poem in this episode.

A Belgian Day Poem is read and performed by me. It was written by Mollie Bawn from Yass New South Wales. I underscored the reading with the Belgian Anthem.

Belgian Anthem – La Brabançonne

Belgian Day Poem

Swiss Anthem – Swiss Psalm

This is not a popular anthem. As the podcast gains in popularity and increases in finance, we would like to buy, license more popular musical options which are better representations to tell small-town stories.

Pride of Australia 1914 by Reginald Stoneham 1897 1942

In this episode, I mixed it and did not use the full clip. It is also cut up throughout a few parts of the episode. Stoneham, Reginald A. A. 1914, Pride of the nation the national march of Australia for piano Deluy, Sydney viewed 28 May 2020

9b Traralgon Crime Episode

Repeated the music from Episode 9 Traralgon Crime.

10 Traralgon Ghost

Same as other ghost episodes and highway wildflowers, the sound of Traralgon.

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