Life in Yallourn North

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Thinking of moving to the Hill in the Latrobe Valley, at the foot of the Harmony Hills? Yallourn North is a stunning small town, of course, you are. It’s time to live in Yallourn North. There are things people like to know before moving to a new area. You can’t just take my recommendation, can you?

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Real Estate in Yallourn North

Houses in Yallourn North are super affordable especially if you have exposure to metropolitan prices.

49 per cent of people own their own homes in Yallourn North. Most of the properties in Yallourn are stand-alone homes with yards.

It is among the cheapest rent and house prices in the state. There are numbers out of ~1200 it’s about ~1120. This means affordable.

Schools in Yallourn North

There is a Kindergarten (Corner of Anderson Avenue) and Yallourn North Primary School (School Ave and Reserve Street). This is a public school. Rawson is up the mountain closer to Walhalla Victoria, apparently, it is ranked the best school in the area, also a public school.

This is great for getting the children in a routine close to home.

By the time they’re teenagers they’ll probably want to the local shopping centre centres and food courts available in Moe, Morwell or Traralgon.

Which are all within a 20 minute one way trip.

The population of Yallourn North

1545 people live in Yallourn North as of the 2016 census. 84% of the population were born in Australia, it had a large migration push after world war II. These people settled here and raised children. It is still a multicultural community with people who have strong connections to the places they left.

3.2% of the Yallourn North Population are proud Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islanders peoples. Doubling in the past four years, since the 2011 census.

There are more men than woman by a small percentage.

Learn more about Yallourn North’s past

History of Brown Coal Mine
Love the town, the way the locals do. In history that comes alive, because the people make the town. 

Hear about it here - Brown Coal Mine History

The community of Yallourn North

The best part of moving to a new area is becoming part of the new community. There are many opportunities to get to know your neighbours. People crave connection, the community is an avenue to have that. Meet your community through:

Sport in Yallourn North

The local teams at Yallourn North, the Bombers a Victorian Football Team, and Victorian Netball Club. The club is located at the George Bates Reserve on Howlett’s Road, Yallourn North.

Latrobe Valley Waterski Club

Waterskiing off Howletts Road on Lake Narracan. The club meets there and has regular events during the season.

Yallourn North Cricket team.

The home field with batting nets are on Reserve Street, next to Monash Hall, opposite Lions Park. Next to the Yallourn North Public School.

Yallourn Golf Club

Yallourn township doesn’t exist, but the golf club was set closer to Newborough and Lake Narracan than the town, so it is still there. A short windy drive from Yallourn North.

Yallourn North Bowling Club

A great place to meet people, play barefoot bowls or competitively.

Historical Society

Yallourn’s Lock Up you can visit at the Brown Coal Mine Museum

A community of volunteers run one of the best museums in the Latrobe Valley – 3rd Street and School Ave, Yallourn North – the Yallourn North Family History and Geneaology museum also known as the Old Brown Coal Mine Museum. Join the community by sharing in the history of the town.

Yallourn North Action Group
Monash Hall, War memorial, flag pole, Yallourn North, Lions Park, Cricket reserve

Here you will meet passionate community members who create events and ensure the town always puts its best face forward. They have regular meetings at Monash Hall, on Reserve Street.

Yallourn North News is a community newsletter, which is largely headed by a few community members.

Faith communities

There are a number of churches however they run less regularly but the congregations meet in other churches in nearby towns. The denominations represented are Anglican, Presbyterian, Catholic and Serbian Orthodox.

Another faith community meets in a mosque in Yallourn North.

Political boundaries

The local council is Latrobe City Council

Bin night is Monday for Tuesday collection.

The Victorian Electorate is Narracan, the Federal Electorate is Monash.

Things to do in Yallourn North

Visit Yallourn North

There are so many things to do in Yallourn North, we wrote an article about this already. You can find it here. It is a part of the Latrobe Valley so check that out too!

Business in Yallourn North

There are many businesses in Yallourn North, mostly they’re work from home or are tradies.

Crime in Yallourn North

Yallourn North has one of the lowest crime rates in the Latrobe Valley. Below is a table of Crime Statistics of 2014.

Crime Type Rate of LatrobeRate of Yallourn NorthRate of VIC
Crimes against the person3,542351,164
Drug offences9524452
Justice procedures offences3,10912902
Other offences49?32
Property and deception offence6,692434,624
Public offences1,374?630

Hear about historic crimes in Yallourn North

Hear about past crimes in Yallourn North. 

Haunted Hills podcast completed an episode on True Crime in the Brown Coal Mine. 

Getting around Yallourn North

Latrobe Valley public bus service

The Latrobe Valley Bus Lines runs the school buses and the town bus service connecting with other towns in the Latrobe Valley. You can find the schedule on check out the website

Latrobe Valley has a number of taxi services available.

The town is easy to navigate and walk although a lot of people drive.

You can also cycle around Yallourn North.

Leon Cycle Australia

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Sunsets are beautiful in Yallourn North

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